Heritage future in the spotlight

Date posted: 11 October 2012

Heritage listing and development processes will be streamlined and younger people encouraged to become involved in conservation under a plan for the future of heritage in South Australia.

SA Heritage Council Chair Judith Car said the state’s heritage was one of its great attributes, contributing to our way of life, our culture and our economy.

"Heritage Directions 2012 looks to a future where everyone understands and appreciates heritage values and the great contribution heritage places make to society as a whole," Ms Carr said.

"One of the major goals of this strategic plan is to improve and streamline the assessment and listing processes for both state and local heritage places.

"This will mean faster answers on whether a place should be given heritage protection, which will benefit all stakeholders.

"We will also be exploring ways to improve the South Australian Heritage Register, including a review to identify how each place on the register meets the criteria for state listing and development approval processes.

"Over time local, national and world heritage places will be added to the register to create a single web-accessible, searchable database containing information on all heritage places in South Australia. "

There are currently more than 2200 State Heritage Places, ranging from grand old homes to factories, from shepherd’s huts to mine sites, from fossil sites and caves to jetties.

Ms Carr said with heritage expertise tending to be held by more senior members of the community, another important goal of the new strategic plan was to encourage education and training for the next generation.

"Our young people need to understand their heritage and appreciate the benefits of retaining and caring for it.

"Those benefits are not only cultural and economic, but also environmental. Adapting an older building to modern use instead of demolishing it and starting again represents a significant saving in the form of non-renewable resources.

"With Heritage Directions, we are looking forward to a time when our heritage capacity will be enhanced by people of all ages, who will contribute to the sector through research, knowledge and hands-on skills.

"These are long-term goals that we cannot reach alone. The SA Heritage Council will provide leadership on heritage matters, but it will be vital to foster partnerships between all the tiers of government, owners of heritage places, the development industry and the community at large."

Learn more about the future of heritage in South Australia in Heritage Directions 2012.

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