Renowned palaeontologist to present ‘Fossils at Twilight’

Date posted: 19 March 2012

Naracoorte Caves is delighted to welcome renowned palaeontologist and former Australian of the Year winner Dr Scott Hocknull as part of its Palaeontology Week 2012 program.

Speaking at twilight on the 25th March in Blanche Cave, Dr Hocknull, currently the Senior Curator in Geosciences at Queensland Museum, will provide the audience with a unique insight into his work and the ancient fossils of Queensland.

Dr Hocknull will be joined by Dr Liz Reed, from the School of Biological Sciences at Flinders University, who is currently investigating the biodiversity responses to climate change over the past 50,000 years at the site.

“Fossil records provide a unique window on patterns of climate and biodiversity change,” Dr Reed said.

“The Naracoorte Caves World Heritage property contains a virtually continuous record of vertebrate life for the past half-million years.”

The free event is open to the public and will include a visit to Dr Reed’s most recent dig sites, a tour through the Wonambi Fossil Centre and the chance to chat to the guest speakers over supper. The event starts at 7.30pm.

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