NatureLinks is a practical approach to conserving South Australia's plants and animals by managing and restoring large areas of habitat across the state. These areas of habitat, within broad 'biodiversity corridors', will enable native wildlife to survive and adapt to environmental change.

A healthy and diverse environment is crucial to South Australia's social and economic well-being. DEWNR is working with conservation organisations, landholders and local communities to restore and manage stretches of land and sea across the breadth of each corridor. This includes existing conservation areas on public and private land, and seeking to expand these conservation areas.

Adopted by DEWNR in 2002, the NatureLinks philosophy is based on The Wilderness Society's WildCountry program. The incorporation of the biodiversity corridor target in South Australia's Strategic Plan (SASP) allows us to place a major emphasis on the program.

Target 3.2 of SASP is:

  • by 2010, have five well-established biodiversity corridors aimed at maximising ecological outcomes particularly in the face of climate change.

The SA Government is progressing this target through the planning and development of five landscape-scale corridors across the state.

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