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Orthorectified imagery in map sheet tile format

2003_05_AMLR_662842.jpg 2007_ADL_662842h.jpg

Orthorectified imagery tiles are map terrain corrected and highly accurate, visual information source to help in the understanding, monitoring, forecasting and management of land areas within South Australia. These image tiles are cut from the latest Orthorectified mosaics of various resolutions relating to standard 1:2500 and 1:10000 map sheet boundaries .

The tiles relate to South Australia's NRM regions and include Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia's Arid Lands and West Coast, Kangaroo Island, the Northern and Yorke Peninsula region, the River Murray and Murraylands and the South East.   This imagery can be integrated with other data layers in a GIS environment to provide a powerful visual analysis tool.

Digital orthophotography is available over many areas of South Australia at a variety of resolutions and dates and our staff are experienced in all aspects of aerial photography and can help you select the product that will best satisfy your requirements.

To place your orders please use MapFinder or contact Mapland.

Single map images from the Riverland & Murray Mallee Emergency services map book

Each of the 95 map pages depicted at the scale of 1:100 000 can now be purchased as a single pdf file. A second page displaying a map legend is included in each document. The individual files also contain layers that you can make visible or invisible using Adobe Acrobat and Reader 6.0 (and higher).

The pdf files have been encoded with georeference information. When the pdf is opened in a compatible viewer (such as Adobe Reader 9) you can access geospatial functions - such as coordinate readout - and find XY.

Please note: When the files are printed, the scale will vary to fit the map to the paper size. However the scale bar and map grid on each file indicates that the grid interval is 1 kilometre.

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Trial product: portable digital maps

Portable digital map image

Print out the area you need, when you need it. Or take the digital map with you on your Netbook. No internet connection or software plugin required.

  • each map is region-wide (South East, KI, etc)
  • turn on only those layers you want to see
  • search for a place and zoom to it.